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howdy ya'll...
school is good.
so far my report card looks stellar... i will be getting tomorrow!
right before Thanksgiving... thanks a lot.

soooooo... for some reason, haha.... actually it's all the time, Garret is pissing me off. i don't know if i want to take him to prom... but who will i take??? i have ideas, but i don't know!!!! arrghhh!

Christmas is in a month practically. holy.

My new fave band is Rilo Kiley. I love Jenny Lewis' style.

Danielle got a cute car. I want one. Actually I want the same car she has but in either blue or green... hopefully, i can choose the color, but i doubt it. which sucks. i have been driving a lot lately... i still give my mom heart attacks. ha.

ok, lovers. i'm out.
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