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hey.... its after Christmas and right before New Years

Hey everyone....
Well, since i have last blogged or whatever, i have gotten into one college. I got into FDU and i got a 6000 dollar scholarship that can be renewed each year as long as i have a 3.0 GPA. I have also gotten notice that Stockton has began reviewing my application so that in a couple of days or weeks i will receive the school's answer. I hope its a yes, because Stockton is my first choice.

Christmas was fun. I got a lot of gift cards, I got a gift card to Pottery Barn for college shopping... and a card to Bloomingdales for prom. I got the Elisa Perretti Bean from Tiffany's. Christmas was very fulfilling this year and i assumed it would be, because this is pretty much the last year i will be home all the time.

New Year's is coming up soon, it is after all this weekend. Me and the fam. are going to Vernon, for some skiing and snowboarding. I will attempt to ski, which i might possibly break my leg... I pray i won't.

Rob is being a douche about the whole prom thing... I really don't want to go with him anymore: he's just lost all of his small charm. I'd rather go with Garret who ignores me... haha, well maybe not. I guess i can find someone before the $ is due.

Oh, i started a job today. I went with Fran to her job because they are firing a kid that works there. I have to work a week w/o pay to start off- to see if i like it. I'm just answering telephones... It's alright... a little stressful. Fran's such a pro at it now. And i don't like working w/o pay even if i am training. What's to motivate me to come back?? LOL. Well, I'm going to try it for a month and if i don't like it, I will search for another job. I'm so happy that Frannie thought of me, because i really needed a job. I hope but i know its not probable that we can get the same days and hours. We could carpool and i won't be sooo afraid.

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