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we graduate today, tonight to be precise. i'm nervous and yet excited at the same time. i know i will definitely start crying which is why i'm holding off on the mascara. i'm anticipating the future but i don't want to leave certain things behind.... my family, friends, my doggies, and my new added feature the boyf. but i need to learn to let things go and that they will not be gone forever, even though it may seem like it.

i'm still finding it hard to believe that four years ago i graduated from 8th grade and was entering my freshman year at DHS. time flies by.... i have so many memories both good and bad. but overall my memories are indeed memorable.

i want to let all of my friends know that i love them and congratulations on making it this far and i wish you much success and luck with your future endeavors. and this summer has got to kick ass!!!!!

there is something wrong about this graduation... and i believe it is my best friend won't be walking down the aisle with me and her other friends. when i entered freshman year, i imagined that we would all be graduating together. however, things unfortunately change. so i want to say, good luck anne and i will quote you, "you're my best friend, i loveeee you."

so congrats, class of 2006!
see you tonight!
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