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Today was my first day back to work in two days. Let's just say I didn't last long. I lasted until about 3 and I didn't get out until about 4. My stomach hurt major. Gawd, I hate the zoo. Well, there's five days until my birthday. I can't wait, well actually I can. Because in five days I will be 17 and then in another year I will be 18. I will be legal and no longer in the care of my parents unless I'm a total waste. Well, on a much better note, 22 more days until Coldplay. Oh, I sold the Green Day tickets. Thank the gays.... I'm listening to Bright Eyes. Conor Oberst, is quite an unique individual. Hahaha... I mean, he's quite an unique person. Whatever. It's about 11:30 which means that in a half hour I'll only have four more days until my birthday. Willie's party is on Sunday and I haven't even gotten him a present yet. Gawd, I'm a sucky friend, well not really. This will be the first time I've seen him this summer except for that surprise meeting with him in Target. Anne is moving up here in less than two weeks. I'm super excited. It's gonna be Hella Good.... Well, I'm just ramblin'. Leave a comment... beoches...
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