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Arrrrr!!!! is the word for pratically this whole month. let's face it... prom is going to suck if people's attitudes don't change. we have to have a productive meeting and have total input from everyone. but that has not happened yet... and then people get pissed off and have bitchy tudes all effing week.

So, tomorrow i am going to Richard Stockton College to see its open house... oh joy! and i have to leave at 6 to get there by 9:15.... i love life... and my Seton Hall application is due to my guidance counselor on monday... i have a lot to look forward to this weekend.

I bought the Jack's Mannequin CD, it is extremely good. It kind of makes me sad, because I can tell that this whole CD is based on Andrew's leukemia... i hate disease.... i wish i could annihilate (sp?) it... I suggest everyone buys it!

In about 2 1/2 hours, Chris and I will be going to Palisades, I have not been there since... i went with the girls to go see a movie but it sold out so we ate dinner at Johnny Rockets instead. Yea, a long time... but we are going out to dinner and then a movie... i told fran and liz about it, because they are pretty much the only friends that haven't been annoying me. yes, i am a nice person.

well, i am done complaining... talk to everyone whenever i want to. caio bella!!!
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